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Still sending bills the old-fashioned way? You can save time and hassle -- and sometimes money -- if you ditch the checkbook and stamps and start paying your bills online.

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Free. Most billers will let you pay your accounts at their Web sites free-of-charge. But if you take this route, you could be going to a dozen sites a month to pay your bills. If you just want to dip your toe into electronic payments or plan to pay your bills with a rebate or air miles credit card, then this could be a good move.

Sometimes free and more convenient. Some banks, such as Bank of America and Citibank, offer online bill paying free if you open a checking account. Other banks will offer the service free to customers who maintain a minimum balance, or will charge a fee of $6 or $7. Your bills will still arrive by mail, unless your bank partners with companies that will post bills electronically. However, you can consolidate all your bill paying to one site, saving the time of going to each biller's Web site.

Paperless all the way -- but at a price. To get all your bills via e-mail, you'll have to go with a service that collects your bills for you, scans them in and then e-mails you when they're due. Consider the good ol' U.S.Postal Service. Through eBillPay you get three months free then pay $5.95 a month for up to 15 payments, plus 50 cents for each additional payment.

Both Yahoo! and the Postal Service use -- the heavyweight of online bill-paying -- to handle the mechanics. CheckFree pays late fees and interest of up to $50 if anything goes wrong with a properly scheduled payment.


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